201: Q&A: Kids, Marriage, Libraries, and the Pros & Cons of "Coming Out"

Posted by: WCSG & Hole In My Heart | Thursday, June 29th, 2023 ( 8:47am)

The lines are open, friends, and we are taking your questions today! 

What questions?

Pull up a chair, and join the dialogue!



—How do you recommend talking with little kids about LGBTQ things?

—How do you explain the definition of marriage to little kids?

—Should marriage make us happy or holy? (Or is that the wrong question to ask?)

—What qualifies as abuse in a relationship? (How does it compare to misuse of a person?)

—How should we engage with libraries where they prominently display books that are LGBTQIA-affirming (of transitioning or same-sex relationships)?

—What are the pros and cons of coming out/sharing your story? (Eek! Please listen to this part! It encouraged our hearts.)


EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS “Matt and my philosophy of parenting is: Here is reality. How can we dole that out in gentle, slow, repetitive conversations at varying levels of age-appropriateness so that when they encounter [same-sex relationships or wrestling with gender] in their schools, churches, or in themselves they are not caught off guard and hide, nor are they caught off guard and jump to Love is Love.” —Laurie Krieg

“My definition of abuse is that it is a systemic maltreatment or dismissal of the dignity of another person verbally, physically, or emotionally.”—Matt Krieg

“You know and I know that everywhere you go there are people … who still make gay jokes a decent amount. If it’s not gay jokes, then it’s ‘*Gasp*! Oh, it’s June! The flag, and the Pride!’ And you’re sitting there, and even though you have zero rainbow flags, you’re not going to Pride, and you’re wrestling with your own heart, you don’t feel safe sharing with them now because they are so exasperated about people like you.”—Laurie Krieg


MORE: A blog Laurie wrote about how to come out/share your story: https://lauriekrieg.com/18-things-to-do-when-getting-real/

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