4/27/23 - WCSG's Travelin' Together Lighthouse Map & Circle Tour

McGulpin Post Lighthouse is part of the lighthouse tour sponsored by the West MI Tourism Association. Photo courtesy of the WMTA. Photo credit - Glen Robertson.

Posted by: Joel Hill | Thursday, April 27th, 2023 ( 6:00am)

A summer vacation often includes a trip to one of Michigan’s fabulous beaches. This year, you may want to consider a visit to one of the many fabled lighthouses.

Our WCSG’s Travlin’ Together Series features a handy guide to the more than 100 lighthouses that dot the landscape around the state’s major waterway. The 2023 Lake Michigan Lighthouse Map & Circle Tour offers a detailed look at not just the lighthouses, but also the surrounding communities, unique attractions, parks and natural areas. You can even sign up for the state’s Lighthouse Passport Club and join hundreds of thousands from around the globe who’ve visited these unique treasures.

For more information and important links, visit West Michigan Tourism.



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