3/09/23 - WCSG's Travelin' Together - Coldwater Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Branch County offers multiple, interactive and hands on learning for kids. Image courtesy of the Children's Museum of Branch County. 3/9/23.

Posted by: Joel Hill | Thursday, March 9th, 2023 ( 6:00am)


A little gem of fun, interactive learning for kids is the next stop on our WCSG’s Travelin’ Together series. The Coldwater Children’s Museum offers over 20 hands on exhibits for kids to engage in. Having recently moved and renovated, the Museum has more space to work with, now offering an indoor rock-climbing wall, music area, and multiple kinesthetic activities to stimulate learning while having fun. Developers of the museum say they want to offer a space where children explore, learn, and grow by engaging in interactive play. The museum has also begun offering several classes to further educational opportunities, and these change on a regular basis. For more information, including hours of operation, visit  CMBC.




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