12/8/22 - WCSG Travelin Together - Crossroads Village Christmas Display

Crossroads Village offers a step back in time to experience Christmas in the 1800's. Image courtesy of Crossroads Village. 12/8/22.

Posted by: Joel Hill | Thursday, December 8th, 2022 ( 6:00am)

We take a trip back to the 1800’s to celebrate Christmas in our WCSG Travelin’ Together.

The Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad are celebrating Christmas with a historic village decorated with the holiday spirit. You can walk through buildings as they would have been decorated almost 200 years ago, see a massive display of Christmas lights, and even shop for holiday items crafted by local artisans.

The display is entering its 30th year, and welcomes visitors for several nights offering a drive-thru lighting display.  The drive-thru is offered multiple weeknights and costs $10 for a car load.

If you want to brave the cold and take in a unique experience, you can ride on the vintage carousel or Ferris Wheel.  For a more nostalgic experience, ride the Huckleberry Train, outfitted with Christmas lights and decorations that fit with the late 1800's time period.

As a special treat, Crossroads Village offers a holiday buffet, complete with several meat selections, salads, and desserts.  Special pricing is available for the buffet.

For more information, visit Crossroads Village.



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