212- How We Are Doing 2024 Differently

Posted by: WCSG & Hole In My Heart | Friday, December 29th, 2023 (12:00am)

It’s the end of 2023, so we are reflecting, looking ahead, and asking, “Do Laurie and Steve look alike?” Lol… (Matt and Laurie’s kids seem to think so…)

HOWEVER, the conversation mostly revolves around…

  • What did we learn in 2023?
  • Based on what we learned, how do we want to engage 2024 with more wisdom?
  • What simple tool did and are we using (and you can use, too) to plan the year?

Grab the last of the egg nog, and let’s hang out!


  • “There were times throughout this year that God felt really distant. But in that, I found myself longing for His presence.”—Steve
  • “I started to find that the gym is the place I can tend to myself. I am not working with clients. I am not getting not getting milk for the kids. I am just there. No headphones on. In silence, lifting weights.” —Matt
  • “The default of life is to chase fires and try to put them out. That’s how we were living and that’s how we can mostly live. I don’t want to do that all of the time . . . It’s hard to play and laugh.” —Laurie


There is no question of the week officially, but we DO want to know: Do Laurie and Steve look alike? :D



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