208 - Courageous Pastors: The West Coast | with guest Tom Kang

Posted by: WCSG & Hole In My Heart | Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 (12:20pm)

Today, we continue our Courageous Pastors series by interviewing Tom Kang, a lead pastor in Los Angeles, CA. 

Together, we have an honest, practical, and exhortative conversation discussing Tom’s journey of leading his congregation through the human sexuality conversation. 

Additionally, we explore:

  • What is unique about Tom’s West Coast church and their cultural vibe?
  • How can pastors cascade the human sexuality conversation to all of their leaders in a realistic way?
  • Why did he choose a dialogue over a monologue?
  • How did it go? (How many people walked out, and how many were grateful?)
  • What would he say to a pastor considering preaching about this topic?

This series has been encouraging us deeply. We pray it is doing the same for you and your community!


  • “Everyone was having this [human sexuality] conversation anyway—in the lunchroom, in the locker rooms, in the car rides on the way to school. This conversation was happening everywhere—except church. I asked myself, ‘What’s happening? What’s going on there?’” —Tom Kang
  • “Andy Stanley talks about how the church should be the safest place for any conversation. I remember when I first heard that a few years ago, and I thought, ‘That is so true, but that is so not going on.’” —Tom Kang
  • “Everyone is going to walk away somehow offended. You are not going to be liberal enough, and you are not going to be conservative enough. You are not going to be biblical enough, you are not going to be contextual enough. You need to come to terms with that.” —Tom Kang
  • “You’re going to have to roll up your sleeves if you’re going to do a sermon like this.” —Tom Kang



What chore in your home is visible to you but invisible to your spouse/housemates? (So you end up doing it and they don’t?) Sorry for all of the fights this sparked @ everyone heh heh... ;)



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