(UPDATED) Possible Summer Boredom Busters

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Posted by: Jeremy & Amanda | Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 ( 6:45am)

Have you started to hear "I'm bored" yet this summer? If you have, here's a healthy list of some great ideas of things to teach your kids that will bust the boredom and teach them a life skill!

  • Clutch a motorcycle
  • Set a wooden mousetrap
  • Throw a baseball
  • Throw a frisbee
  • Strip the end of a wire
  • Siphon gas with a hose
  • Drive a stick shift vehicle
  • Start a safe campfire in the woods
  • Change a flat tire
  • Change a spark plug on a small engine
  • Set a worm on a hook
  • Calculate the square feet in a small room
  • Use a hammer and nails
  • Bake a cake
  • Peel a pineapple
  • Mash Potatoes from scratch
  • Use a drill
  • Balance a checkbook
  • Iron Clothes
  • Sort laundry
  • Check oil in the vehicle
  • Pick good produce 
  • Sew a button
  • Turn the water heater off/on
  • Meal plan
  • Hook up a trailer
  • CPR
  • Clean a dryer exhaust
  • Write a resume
  • Change out the toilet, faucet
  • Caulk a shower
  • Use a propane grill
  • Tie a tie
  • Change Sprinkler head
  • Change tube on a bicycle
  • Patch a hole in a wall
  • Cooking measurements
  • Clean oven and stove
  • Use a fire extinguisher 
  • Address an envelope 
  • Repair a fence
  • Count back change
  • Read a tape measure
  • Write a check

This list was shared from Officer Gomez on Facebook!

If you have younger kids, this mom is doing "How to be a Person Camp" with tasks designed for younger kids.

Also, don't forget that allowing boredom can help your kids discover ways to be creative!

~Jeremy & Amanda



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