3 Things @ 9:13 with Jeremy & Amanda (12-16-22)

Posted by: Jeremy & Amanda | Friday, December 16th, 2022 ( 9:10am)

You spend time with your Family-Friendly morning show all week long and every Friday at 9:13am we recap the 3 Things that we learned this week!

Here's what we learned this week...

  1. For the first time, you can purchase single-game tickets for the Detroit Tigers for Christmas! They'll be available through December 20th, and then reopen in February!
  2. A baker from England has opened his bakery and ovens to the community around him to help them with rising energy costs during the holiday season!
  3. It's not put together by Kellogg's, but an artist named MSCHF. It's one singular Fruit Loop that is about the size of a dinner plate and weighs in at about half pound!

For more on these stories and more, head HERE!


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