Episode 08 - Wounds & Trauma

Through Rough Waters with Zach Allen

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 54 minutes

This week, Zach and Kevin are joined by Rev. Dr. Brian Smilde as they take a deep dive on the idea of family wounds and trauma. They unpack Ephesians 6:1-4 and the idea of both honoring your parents and of parents not provoking their children, as well as discuss wounds of withholding (neglect) and wounds of aggression (abuse). They also discuss how to identify trauma and how important it is to get help and begin processing it.


Note: There are brief, non-graphic mentions of sexual abuse in this episode as our guest Brian shares some of his personal story.


If you have a question for our Q&A segment, you can email throughroughwaters@wcsg.org or submit your question anonymously at https://www.wcsg.org/podcasts/through-rough-waters/


Thanks to West Michigan Wellness Group for supporting Through Rough Waters - for more information about WMWG and to inquire about seeing a therapist, you can call (616) 600-1187 or visit https://westmichiganwellnessgroup.com/contact/




This podcast and its content are designed and intended to provide a place for conversation. Topics and advice covered in this podcast should not be taken as professional medical advice or emotional or spiritual counsel. If you or a loved one needs professional help, they should seek a licensed professional.


The views covered and discussed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect those of WCSG Radio or Cornerstone University. Ideas presented are not necessarily endorsed by WCSG Radio or Cornerstone University.

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