Episode 211: Just Breathe; We Don’t Have to Be Perfect with Bonnie Gray

Hole In My Heart Podcast

Friday, December 15, 2023 - 50 minutes

This time of year can feel unfair:

“Just kick back and enjoy the season! But also get the perfect present for everyone. But don’t do too much! #selfcare But do enough so that you tell people you love and appreciate them. But don’t! But also do.”

Thank the Lord we brought in our friend and wellness expert, Bonnie Gray, to help us learn how to approach this and every season not with another way to perfectly-imperfectly self-care your way into health and wholeness, but to sink deeply into the love of Jesus.

We also discuss:

  • Are people either helpers or those who are helped?
  • What does the left brain/right brain have to do with this conversation?
  • How can soul care be more than taking a bath or vegging out on our favorite TV show?
  • What simple practices can we begin today to calm anxiety?

  • “Being lonely, stressed, sad, or anxious doesn’t mean we are not strong. It just means we need to be loved.” —Bonnie Gray
  • “We try to feel better by thinking our way out of stress, but we need to nurture our way to relieve stress.” —Bonnie Gray
  • “Research shows that taking a ten minute walk outside lowers cortisol and releases the happy hormone serotonin more than 45 minutes working out at the gym.”—Bonnie Gray


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