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The Hole in My Heart Audio Podcast explores how the gospel is good news for everyone every day.

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Host, teacher, and author, Laurie Krieg, and her husband and licensed-therapist, Matt Krieg, partner up with Producer Steve to engage in challenging topics such as shame, trauma, and anxiety.

We apply a historically-biblical sexual ethic to the topics of marriage, sexuality, and porn-addiction and funnel all those conversations through the hope-filled good news of the gospel.  

We laugh (and we cry), but we are always focused on the joyful challenge of walking with Jesus. Will you join us?

New Episodes Every 2 Weeks!

* This podcast and its content are designed and intended to provide a place for conversation. Topics and advice covered in this podcast should not be taken as professional medical advice or emotional or spiritual counsel. If you or a loved one needs professional help, they should seek a licensed professional. The views covered and discussed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect those of WCSG radio or Cornerstone University. Ideas presented are not necessarily endorsed by WCSG radio or Cornerstone University.

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