Episode 204: How to Share Your Story with Brenna Blain

Hole In My Heart Podcast

Friday, September 8, 2023 - 47 minutes

Today on the podcast, ministry leader Brenna Blain joins us to help us discern how, when, and where to share our own stories with others.

Together, we unpack:

  • How do you know when you are ready to share?
  • What was Brenna’s most challenging audience to share with?
  • What are the benefits and challenges to opening up?


  • “The question I have not always gone to but I need to go to is, ‘Why? Why do I feel I need to share this or want to share this? Is it because I want attention?’… Or is it that I truly feel like God is asking me to share this, and then I need to work out what parts of this story am I supposed to share and in what context?” —Brenna Blain
  • “It’s a little bit cliché, but [one of the biggest benefits for me in sharing my story] is getting to be the voice I wish I had heard growing up. I wish so badly I had heard from someone who was same-sex attracted who clung to a biblical sexual ethic. I wish it so badly.” —Brenna Blain
  • “Sometimes, I just need to sit and say, ‘Do I believe that God knows what he is doing? Do I believe that he is faithful even if his faithfulness means keeping a door closed to me?’” —Brenna Blain

//Question of the Week:

Are you a pumpkin-spice-everything, can’t-wait-to-put-on-a-sweater person about fall? Or nah? (You guys have a lot of feelings about pumpkin spice and sweaters lolol)

//Do the Next Thing:

  • Listen to when Laurie was on Brenna’s podcast here
  • Follow Brenna on IG here
  • Steve mentions this episode where we talk about our hunger for authentic community here

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