Episode 200: "I am healing for..." with Toni Collier

Hole In My Heart Podcast

Friday, June 16, 2023 - 36 minutes

Oh, man…from start to finish this conversation sings…!

Author and ministry leader, Toni Collier, helps us to finish the final “I am” in our identity series by exploring “I am healing for…” What we mean by this is when you’re going through a dark time, have you ever considered the people you will impact if you keep going through the darkness to the light?

What if you gave up? Whom would that affect?

Although we never want to have the core of our healing work be for other people (ideally, that motivation is for God and for ourselves), others are valuable to consider as they can energize our healing journey.

What else do we talk about?

--How did a performance-driven heart drive Toni when she wasn’t following the Lord and when she was?
--What might Toni say to someone really wrestling with depression today?
--How did Toni start caring more about what Jesus thinks than others?


“The thing that brought me out of my depression and suicidal ideation was people who said, ‘We will be with you in the valleys, but we won’t leave you there.’” —Toni Collier

“Ya know? I just don’t think I care what anyone else thinks but God. I don’t know what happened, something clicked… If I just solely care what He thinks, then through that lens I should treat others with kindness and respect and honor and show up.” —Toni Collier

“When I was able to start saying ‘No’ to people that’s when my ‘Yes’ to Jesus became bigger, more consistent, and more clear.”—Toni Collier

Do the Next Thing//

Find all of Toni’s work: https://www.tonijcollier.com
Snag the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GO333pKQhk
Catch all of WCSG’s work: wcsg.org
Hear our last episode with Toni and her husband, Sam: https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/engaging-todays-suffering-with-hope-with-sam-and-toni-collier/

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