5/20/21 - WCSG Travelin' Together: Michigan has plenty to offer bicyclists

Posted by: Becky Carlson | Thursday, May 20th, 2021 ( 6:00am)

May is "National Bike Month", this is "Bike to Work Week", and Friday, May 21, is "Bike to Work Day."

In the last 15 years, the number of U.S. bicycle owners has grown 40%.  Sales have especially soared during the COVID pandemic and some bike shops are low on inventory.

Michigan is a popular state for biking and is considered to be one of the most bike friendly states and offers a variety of trails.

Bicycling is the 6th most popular U.S. recreation sports.  Whether you are riding for fun, fitness, with family or taking essential trips to work or shop, you are part of a movement for safer streets, connecting communities and happier people.


There are a number of trails that inter-connect throughout Michigan. You can find trail information online through some of the following links:

Michigan.org - they list other things to do and accommodations along the trails in Michigan

traillink.com - offers an app you can download to have trail maps on your phone

mitrails.org - publishes a trail magazine and updated information

Michigantrails.org - includes maps as well as etiquette for bicycling

alltrails.com - lists some of the most popular road biking trails in Michigan and other states


There are a number of bike shops in local communities to offer helpful tips and which kind of bike might work best for you.


Many communities offer local programs geared toward those interested in biking.

-"Open Roads Bike Program" in the Kalamazoo area, offers a program that uses bicycles as a vehicle for skill development and community engagement.

-"The Chain Gang Bicycle Club" in Kalamazoo is a group that gets together on Tuesday nights to ride together.


When riding a bicycle:

-Wear a helmet

-Go with the traffic flow and ride on the right, the same direction as other vehicles

-Obey traffic laws

-Yield when appropriate

-Be predictable

-Look before turning

-Watched for parked cars


When buying a bicycle:

-Decide on a budget

-Decide your purpose for riding

-Choose the right type of bike


Benefits of biking:

-burns calories

-builds strength, endurance, and stamina

-increases balance and flexibility

-improves joint mobility

-boosts mental health

-strengthens immune system



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