4/29/21 – WCSG Travelin’ Together – Sarett’s Nature Trails

Posted by: Joel Hill | Thursday, April 29th, 2021 ( 6:00am)

We continue with the WCSG Travelin’ Together series with a look at a West Michigan nature trail system that is sure to leave you with more photos on your SD card. 

 Sarett’s Nature Trails are located along the Paw Paw River near Benton Harbor, and just off of I-196 near I-94 But don’t let the closeness to the highway leave you with the impression that you won’t find nature nearby 

Nate Fuller, executive director of the center says an abundance of wildlife roam the nearly one-thousand-acre reserveThat makes it perfect for wildlife spotting and birding. 

“It just happened in the last 48 hoursWe’ve had our first sightings of Indigo Buntings, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, Baltimore Orioles, Yellow- throated Warblers, that whole surge of migratory song-birds is happening right now.” 

Fuller says there’s plenty of opportunity to find those birds and other animals as you hike the almost eight miles of trails, situated along a diversity of habitats. 

“One of our hallmarks is our boardwalk system where we’ve got over a mile of boardwalk that take you into some really cool, wet places you normally would never get to see.”  

Ponds and streams provide great hiding and feeding spots for a variety of animals.   

“It’s usually a reliable space to find a variety of turtles and frogs, of course, hopping all over the placeWe have one of the better populations of Eastern Box Turtles, which are always a treat. 

The center also sports a Nature Center building as well as a Butterfly House to be able to catch a glimpse of some of those small, winged creatures. 

The center’s trails are free to hike and are open from dawn to dusk. 

If you’d like more information on hours, trails and exhibits, visit Sarett Nature Center.



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