202: Season 6 Wrap and Q&A Part 2 with Laurie, Matt, and Steve

Posted by: WCSG & Hole In My Heart | Thursday, July 13th, 2023 ( 1:54pm)

Today, we wrap up season six by asking Matt, Laurie, and Steve if we have met our goal for the season: “Do you feel like you can walk into any room confidently because your identity is more rooted in Christ?”

So, have we? :D

We truthfully answer this question as well as:

—What we do when we feel tempted toward sexual sin or wanting to buy everything in the Pottery Barn magazine?

—How is Laurie’s health? Has it changed?

—How do we engage with believers who are clearly “producing fruit,” but are choosing to walk outside of God’s design for marriage?



“When it comes to relational conflict, the message I often tell myself is, ‘Resolution is the goal.’ I am learning that transformation is the goal. The issue may not be resolved (or easily resolved), but I am called to stay present in it when all I want to do is make it go away.” —Steve O’Dell

“To have someone who is my friend love me in the midst of wrestling with sexual temptation removes a layer of shame, and makes me feel like, ‘Okay. I’m actually normal. I just want idols instead of God like everyone else.’”—Laurie Krieg

“As much as we look at other people’s hearts, we have to first look at our own.” —Matt Krieg


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--We mention the episode with Branson Parler: https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/identity-series-i-am-redeemed-with-branson-parler/ --Also the episode with Alison Cook: https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/i-am-worthy-of-care-with-alison-cook/

--And the episode with Toni Collier: https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/i-am-healing-for-with-toni-collier/

--We also talk about our conversation with David Bennett: https://lauriekrieg.com/podcast/the-awkward-middle/

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