Brandon Lake Concert Recap

Posted by: Jenna Perry | Tuesday, May 7th, 2024 (11:15am)

What a fun night with Brandon Lake and Doe at the Van Andel arena! Jeremy, Amanda (Your Family Friendly Morning Show), Tom (The Most Music for Your Midday) and I (Overnights with Jenna) had a great time getting to chat with our listeners from all over West Michigan and even some from the East side of the state. WCSG loves seeing our community get together, we saw so many families, couples enjoying a date night, friends night out and even those celebrating special birthdays.  At the doors, everyone was given a light-up bracelet that was synced to each other and changed colors. It connected us together and immersed us into the fun and lively atmosphere. 

Brandon really brought energy to the room with his fun personality and upbeat songs, and brought us to the heart of the Father in his acoustic set. Another cool surprise was special guest Benjamin William Hastings who performed a couple of his songs as well as singing with Brandon. Overall, It was an overwhelmingly awesome sight to see everyone lifting their hands in worship together, it was obvious that God was present in the room (many concert-goers gave their lives to Jesus too!). Throughout the concert, we were reminded that it was all about God (including the fact that God Gifted Brandon with such a great voice).

While singing “Coat of Many Colors”, Brandon brought out his coat of many colors and explained how each piece of the patchwork coat was a sentimental piece of clothing from his past. The coat symbolizes how when we accept Jesus and join the family of God, He clothes us in a ‘coat of many colors’ and crowns our heads. Meaning we are cherished and loved by God. In this special moment, Brandon walked off stage and placed it on a concert-goer named ‘Micheal’ and thanked him for being so authentic with his praises, from one Michael to another (Michael ‘Brandon’ Lake) . 

It was a moving night of worship led by the holy spirit and our friend Brandon. My favorite part of the night was singing praise and worship songs with fellow believers but coming in at a VERY close second was meeting a lot of AMAZING WCSG listeners. We are so truly blessed beyond measure when it comes to our beautiful community. Don’t forget that “you've got a lion inside of those lungs” and “Praise when surrounded 'Cause praise is the water my enemies drown in!"


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