Save Your Back With These Shoveling Tips!

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Posted by: Jeremy & Amanda | Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 ( 7:10am)

Winter isn't over, and there are some significant tactics that you can use to help keep you safe and avoid serious injury when you have to get out and shovel!

  • Recognize this is a workout!
    • You may be out of practice, like you would if you haven't been training to run. Just because it's commonplace, doesn't mean that your body is prepared for it.
  • Shovel early and shovel often!
    • It is way easier on your back and body to shovel a couple inches of snow several times, rather than 12 inches all at the same time.
  • Push the snow, instead of lifting it!
    • Use your shovel like a snow plow and push it into a pile, and then slice it off in small chunks to toss it.
  • Keep your back straight!
    • Just like you are supposed to life a heavy box, bend with your legs, not your back!
  • Switch sides!
    • Since shoveling is a workout, be sure to flip back and forth between your right side and left side to minimize fatigue on one side.
  • Finally...Warm up, take breaks, and go easy on yourself!
    • are WORKING OUT! Stretch, take breaks, get warm, and take it easy!

Also...Amy called this morning to inform us that Amazon sells a shovel with WHEELS! Amy said that it takes a lot of the strain out of shoveling, so perhaps check that out!

Read more about these shoveling tips HERE!

~Jeremy & Amanda 



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