1/29/22 - COVID Tests Shipped To Michigan, Could Need Extra Care

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Due to freezing temperatures, COVID tests that are delivered to homes by USPS could require special precautions before use.

The federal government announced earlier this year that a program has been launched that allows for Americans to request free at-home COVID-19 tests.  At least four free tests can be requested per household. 

District Health Departments say that many of the tests will be delivered in Michigan and sit in mailboxes that are below freezing. Below freezing temperatures are causing some concern on whether the tests will work properly.

The tests need to be performed in an environment that is between 59⁰F and 86⁰F to ensure proper results.

Those receiving the tests should take extra precautions:

  • Bring the package inside your home and leave it unopened at room temperature for at least two hours before opening it. 
  • Once the package is at room temperature, you may open it and perform the test according to the authorized instructions for use. 
  • As long as the test line(s) appear as described in the instructions, you can be confident that the test is performing as it should. 
  • If the line(s) do not appear in the correct location(s) and within the correct time as shown in the test instructions when you perform the test, then the results may not be accurate, and a new test is needed to get an accurate result. 

The free at-home COVID-19 tests can be ordered through USPS at special.usps.com/testkits.


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