1/13/22 - State Police Disproportionately Stop Black Drivers, According To Report

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A new report showed that in 2020, Police stopped a disproportionate number of black motorists.

LANSING, Mich. — The leader of the Michigan State Police says there will be changes.  This after an independent report found that troopers disproportionately pulled over Black drivers during 2020 traffic stops.

African American motorists were more likely to be stopped than expected under a series of benchmarks, According to the research done by the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, African American motorists were more likely to be stopped.

Col. Joe Gasper outlined a five-point plan to better understand and address the disparities.

1. Hiring an independent consulting firm to review MSP policies and to better address racial disparities.

2. Launching a statewide listening and engagement effort in which MSP leadership will engage in open and honest conversation with leaders from communities of color, surfacing problems and finding solutions together.

3. Making more data available to MSP troopers through a dashboard that will provide real-time traffic stop data.

4. Ramping up educational opportunities for troopers and recruits through the creation of the department’s Professional Development Bureau. 

5. Issuing body worn cameras to all enforcement members who could have enforcement contact with Michigan residents and visitors.






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