6/08/23 - WCSG Travelin' Together - North Central State Trail - Gaylord to Vanderbilt

Picturesque images like this await along one of the state's most improved trails. Image courtesy Gaylord Visitors Bureau. 6/8/23.

An exciting adventure awaits you and your family in this family friendly portion of the state's most improved bike trail.

Enjoying the outdoors during summertime in Michigan is an adventure you won’t experience anywhere else. And this bike trail will simply add to the experience.

Our WCSG’s Travelin’ Together series takes a road trip, or more accurately, a bike trip around Gaylord. The North Central State Trail covers over 70 miles of gorgeous sites between Waters to Mackinac City. But our focus is on the trail portion between Gaylord and Vanderbilt. Two unique tunnels are just a part of this seven mile stretch of the trail. And you’ll want to stop and get pictures near the Congdon Bridge, just north of Gaylord.

The trail has been ranked as one of the most improved trails in the state, with 98% of the trail rated as easy for families to participate in together. Along the way, there are public beaches and plenty of restrooms. And no matter where you end, there’s plenty of restaurants for you to refuel.

For more information, visit NCST - Gaylord to Vanderbilt.

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