1/24/22 - 85 Hundred US Troops Place on "Heightened Alert"

Military forces have been gathering near the border of Ukraine and Russia. Image courtesy of Unsplash. 1/24/22.

The Pentagon ordered the troops to be part of a readiness force.

Some 85-hundred US troops have been placed on heightened alert and could be deployed to Eastern Europe.  This comes as Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby says, Russian military forces are building at the Ukrainian border, possibly signaling a potential for invasion.
"And in Belarus as well, the numbers there are increasing.  They have not only shown no signs of deescalating, but they are, in fact, adding more  force capability."

The President is expected to be part of a secure meeting with NATO allies this afternoon to discuss the situation.  An estimated 125-thousand plus Russian force is poised at the border.

NATO allies have been meeting regularly over the last several weeks as Russian forces have gathered.  Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is said to be trying to install a pro-Moscow government in place of the duly elected Ukrainian government.  Russian leaders denounce any talk of invasion, calling them "lies and fakes."

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