11/23/21 - Spectrum Health Updates Visitor Policy


Spectrum Health says patients will be allowed only one adult visitor, unless they are with a pediatric patient.

Spectrum Health announced that as a result of increasing numbers of patients admitted with COVID-19 and hospitals at or near capacity, they have made some changes to our visitor policies to reduce the number of people at our facilities. Please review our new visitor guidelines at https://bit.ly/3euIf6t.

Spectrum Health is committed to ensuring that you can continue to support your loved ones. To help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, we are updating our guidelines for visiting non-COVID-19 patients:

  • Adult hospital inpatient: 1 adult visitor; can be different individuals on different days.*
  • Adult hospital Labor and Delivery: 1 adult visitor; can be different individuals on different days.
  • Adult emergency department, urgent care, surgery, radiology and lab: 1 adult visitor.
  • Pediatric hospital inpatient, emergency department, urgent care, surgery and lab: 2 adult visitors; must be the same people throughout the stay. (In double occupancy rooms, only 1 parent is allowed.)
  • Pediatric radiology: 1 adult visitor.
  • Physician and medical office: 2 adult visitors (some locations may have tighter access because of space limitations.)
  • Spiritual and faith leaders will be allowed to access Spectrum Health buildings to support patients and families.

* Adults are individuals ages 18 and older. Children and minors will be allowed as visitors only in limited circumstances.


A Spectrum Health PEDIATRIC patient can have 2 visitors who must be the same people throughout the stay.








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