1/27/22 - Parents of Victims Sue School Shooter, Parents, School

Oxford High School was the scene of a school shooting last year. Photo courtesy of Oxford High School.

The parents of Tate Myre plan a lawsuit for at least 25 thousand dollars.

The parents of several victims of the Oxford School shooting, are suing three administrators and three teachers at the school.  The parents of Tate Myre named the dean of students, two school counselors, and three teachers.  Myre's parents held a press conference to announce the lawsuit.  In the suite, the family contends school administrators, counselors, and teachers failed them by not responding adequately to the issues they found when questioning Ethan Crumbly.

They believe the staff could have done more to prevent Crumbly from going back to class.

Family members say they think some will misinterpret their actions but say “it’s about accountability.”

Lawyers for Ethan Crumbly plan to pursue an insanity defense.  According to court documents, lawyers will ask for mental health evaluations.  Crumbly is accused of killing four students at Oxford High School, wounding six students and a teacher.


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