8/3/22 - Missing Plane Found in South Haven

Not the actual plane but an example of an Aerostar 600. Image courtesy of trade-a-plane.com. 8/3/22.

Two experienced pilots were killed in the plane crash near the South Haven airport.

Two pilots, both experienced and in their 70’s, were found dead after not reporting back into the South Haven Airport.

It took almost a day after the unidentified pilots took off, with the wreckage, a twin-engine Aerostar 600, was found in a heavily wooded area near 12th Avenue and 72nd Street.  

Family members were concerned after noticing the pair had not returned after taking off early on Tuesday morning.  Investigators believe the plane probably crashed shortly after taking off, but somehow went unnoticed.

Pilots with the Michigan State Police found the plane after an hours long search this morning.
Police have not released any information about what may have lead up to the crash.  


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