8/26/21 Update - Pentagon Releases Statement on Situation in Afghanistan

Pentagon statement on attacks near the Kabul airport. 8/26/21.

The Pentagon has released more information on Thursday's attacks.

3:00pm EST - General Frank McKenzie reports 12 service members were killed and 15 injured in two suicide bombings near key gates leading into the Kabul airport.  A branch of the Islamic State is believed behind the attack and McKenzie says they do not believe the Taliban was involved.  Efforts are being made to further secure the area and the military is monitoring for any potential follow-up attacks.  McKenzie says he believes he has the forces necessary and does not see more personnel being brought into the area.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that 60 Afghans were killed along with four US military personnel in two attacks near the Kabul airport.  CBS news is reporting that the gates leading into the airport grounds have been welded shut, effectively shutting out anyone from entering the grounds.



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