8/18/23 - The Choose Kindness Project Focuses On Parents, Teachers and Coaches

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The Chose Kindness Project provides resources aimed at adults to help children dealing with bullying and other mental health issues.

(Postive Prep) - The Choose Kindness Project, a collaboration of nonprofit organizations focused on preventing bullying and promoting youth mental well-being, has introduced new resources.

They are designed to help parents, teachers, and coaches support kids who are dealing with bullying and feeling isolated, especially given the current challenges in youth mental health.

The Parent Playbooks offer practical steps for parents to take with their children to address bullying and create a kind and empathetic culture.

The Educator and Coach Toolkit provides tools for communication between schools and families, along with useful resources. Recent surveys show that more than one third of teens have experienced bullying in the past year, with schools being a common place for these incidents. To tackle this issue, the Educator and Coach promotional kit will be sent to 1,000 schools across the country before the new school year begins.

These resources will also be available online. If you want to check it out, you can visit: The Choose Kindness Project website.

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