6/6/23 - Lowell Issues Water Restrictions For Summer

image - City of Lowell, Michigan facebook

Due to the dry conditions the community of Lowell has implemented outdoor water restrictions.

(Lowell, Mich) - The recent hot, dry weather saw a spike in water demand for the city of Lowell in Kent County.  The high demand pushed the water treatment plant to the limit on the amount of water it can produce. 

Implementing an odd/even restriction schedule will help the area level the demand and maintain the sustainability they need for their current water system. 

The City of Lowell and Lowell Charter Township will now start outdoor water restrictions through the end of September.  It will impact the municipal water customers.

Outdoor watering will be allowed in the city and township but it will depend on your address.  If your address ends in an odd number you will be allowed to water on odd days and if your address ends in an even number you will then water on even numbered days.

The water restrictions do not include water use for drinking or bathing. 

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