6/16/23 - Cybersecurity Issues Plague an Estimated 6 Million Americans

A recent cybersecurity attack has left millions of Americans vulnerable. There are ways to protect yourself. Image courtesy of CISA.gov. 6/16/23.

Data breaches have led to millions of Americans vulnerable to having their data stolen.

You need to be aware of a data breach that may be affecting more Americans.

An estimated six million residents in Louisiana and Oregon have had personal information stolen after a group gained access to vital records. Hackers went after state identification, along with vehicle registration records. Investigators believe the group may be a Russian ransom ware group, and that may mean other accounts and information could be vulnerable.

Investigators say social security numbers, along with drivers license numbers may also have been compromised.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has some tips to help you stay safe. One is to make sure that you have the latest updates on your security software in order to help prevent hackers gaining access. Change passwords and make sure you have a secondary or multi-factor authentication system in place.

If you'd like information on how to protect yourself, as well as what to do if you believe your information may have been stolen, visit CISA for more tips.

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