5/15/24 - Cruising The Great Lakes Becoming More Popular

file image - Great Lakes Cruises

More people are spending time cruising the Great Lakes region and pouring money into local economies.

 —The Great Lakes cruise ship industry leaders are meeting this week to discuss the 2024 season.

Leaders from the international Cruise the Great Lakes organization, comprised of cruise lines, port authorities, state and local governments and visitor bureaus across the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway are meeting together this week in northern Michigan.

Cruise ships are expected to make close to 600 port visits to Great Lakes cities this year during the season which runs May through October.  More than 20,000 passengers (many from Europe) will make an economic impact of $200 million. 

There are nine ships that will travel the waters and make stops in seven port destinations in Michigan, including Muskegon in West Michigan.

The Great Lakes cruise ship industry broke records in 2023.“

Victory Cruise Lines, is expected to return to the Great Lakes in 2025. Construction on a number of cruise ships is underway, and Bay City is working to become a port that can accept cruise ships.

Many of those who take the Great Lakes cruises are often well-seasoned and well-traveled and organizers say they are working to provide a fresh, new experience and opportunity as they explore a region that is mostly undiscovered to many visitors.


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