4/5/24 - Preparations for the Eclipse are Well Underway

A solar eclipse is expected Monday. The next one won't occur for another 20 years. Image courtesy of Montclair State University. 4/5/24.

Companies, organizations and groups are preparing in different ways for the upcoming eclipse.

A total eclipse of the sun is coming up on Monday. While there has been one within the past decade, the excitement for this occurrence has been huge.

A lot of companies are jumping on the solar eclipse bandwagon by offering deals on their products. While a number of larger box stores are selling disposable solar eclipse glasses, major candy bar and treat companies are also promoting their products. And not only them, but cooler manufacturers and chair companies are promoting their items so you can enjoy the eclipse in comfort.

You can find an eclipse promotion package here Eclipse Package.

For more technical information, we turn to Sara Flynn with WOOD-TV 8. She says the eclipse will be an exciting opportunity to witness this event. But the right glasses are important.

"We don't just stare at the sun. Sunglasses won’t work. Welding goggles won’t work. You need the solar eclipse glasses. They’re 100-thousand times darker. So it’s going to make everything around you dark except virtually the sun that you’re looking at.”

The American Astronomical Society has given approval to several pair. Here are their recommendations Eclipse Glasses.

We here in West MI can expect to experience a partial eclipse to begin after 2pm with a total eclipse starting around 3:10 or so, and it’s expected to last for just a few minutes. The last time we had a total eclipse was in 2017. The next one will be in 2045.

For a resource of eclipse information visit ECLIPSE.

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