3/21/24 - Boil Water Advisory Lifted For Grand Rapids

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A water main break on Sunday, brought a "Boil Water Advisory" for some 20,000 in NE Grand Rapids. That was finally lifted on Wednesday.

(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.) - The city of Grand Rapids lifted the "Boil Water Advisory" that was issued Sunday following a water main break.

The city made necessary repairs, flushed out the system and tested the water several times.   The advisory was lifted by midday Wednesday.

Even though the residents in the advisory zone no longer need to boil their water they were still asked to do a few things before drinking it from the tap.

The city recommended:

-Flushing plumbing, pipes and faucets beforehand

-Unscrew and remove faucet screens and aerator to clean out any particles

-Run cold water through faucets and appliances with direct water connections for five minutes or more

-Run hot water only through all faucets and flush until the water is cool, in order to clear hot water pipes and water heater of any untreated water; and put faucet screens and aerators back on.

Before drinking any water, the city also recommends you check your appliances and devices. You should remove and replace all water filters, including any appliances with direct water connections, according to the city.

Residents were also asked to flush water dispensers from refrigerators with at least a gallon of water; dump existing ice and flush the water feed lines, making and throwing away three batches of ice; run the empty dishwasher on its hottest or sanitize cycle after you have flushed your hot water pipes and water heater; run water softener through a full regeneration cycle; and replace filters in furnace and portable humidifiers.


The advisory was put in place Sunday afternoon following a water main break in the area of Leonard Street NE and Union Avenue near Carrier Creek. Such breaks cause pressure to drop in the system, which in turn can allow for bacteria to enter the system. 

The Grand Rapids City Manager said staff members have been asked to review the situation and look into their maintenance history and the reliability of the infrastructure.  They will also review the city response to the water main break and how the system responded. 




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