2/5/24 - Senate Unveils Immigration Legislation

file image - Capitol Building

Senators negotiated over the weekend and unveiled an immigration measure that also allows for more aid for Israel and Ukraine.

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of senators released a deal to increase funding for border security and greater restrictions for migrants and also includes a new round of funding for Ukraine and Israel.

It's a 370-page document that was released Sunday night. 

The Senate was expected this week to hold a key test vote on the legislation, but it has already run into opposition. House Republican leadership took to social media immediately Sunday night to share its condemnation of the deal.

"This Joe Biden/Chuck Schumer Open Border Bill is an absolute non-starter and will further incentivize thousands of illegals to pour in across our borders daily," said Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y. in a post on X.  "House Republicans have already passed HR2 - the Secure Our Border Act, which would actually secure the border and return to the effective Trump policies with the most secure border in our nation’s history."

House Republicans have argued that the hard line policies enforced by former Pres. Trump's administration were the success that led to lower number of migrant crossings during his presidency. 

The border proposal took months to negotiate and is aimed at gaining control of an asylum system.  The bill proposes an overhaul to the system with tougher and quicker enforcement measures. If the number of illegal border crossings reaches above 5,000 daily for a five-day average, an expulsion authority would automatically kick in so that migrants are sent back to Mexico without an opportunity to make an asylum claim.                  If the number reaches 4,000, presidential administrations would have the option of using the expulsion authority.


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