2/15/24 - Rep. Pete Hoekstra Recognized As Michigan GOP Chair

file image - Pete Hoekstra

The Michigan GOP says Kristina Karamo is out and Pete Hoekstra will serve as chairman.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra has been officially recognized by the national Republican party as the Michigan GOP chairman in a vote that also affirmed that Kristina Karamo was properly removed from the position earlier this year.

The decision was made Wednesday following a unanimous vote by the executive committee of the Republican National Committee, or RNC, to recognize Hoekstra as chair and confirm his status as a voting member of the national party.

Some members of the Michigan GOP wanted Karamo to step down.  Since then, dueling factions have claimed to control the state party.

The RNC’s decision comes less than two weeks before the state holds its presidential primary and in a year where Michigan Republicans are desperate to win back some power after historic losses in 2022.

While the RNC's ruling gives Hoekstra some legitimacy to the position, a final ruling is expected to come in the courts. Karamo has repeatedly said that that the RNC had no legal authority in the fight over the chair position and that she would not concede without a court ruling.

Some of Karamo’s critics have sued her and asked a judge to resolve the dispute. A hearing on Karamo’s motion to dismiss the case is set for February 20.

In January, close to half of the Michigan GOP’s voting members came together to vote Karamo out as chair, citing fundraising woes and months of infighting. 


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