9/11 - Some 9/11 Charities Still Operating But With Different Focus

Charity Navigator recognizes several charities still operating to support efforts around 9/11. Image courtesy of Charity Navigator.

While many charities began as a result of 9/11, some ceased operations after they accomplished their initial goal. Some however, remain and changed their focus.

Dozens of charities started with an emphasis on supporting the men and women who sacrificed their lives as a result of the attacks on September 11, 2001.  Many of them were set up to assist with health issues or trauma suffered by survivors. 

But as time has gone on, many of them achieved the goals they set out and have since ceased operations.  A handful remain and some of them still have 3 and 4-star ratings, meaning they are efficient with the money raised and are accountable for the spending.

One of those is the FDNY Foundation.  According to Charity Navigator, the charity serves as the official fundraising arm of the New York City Fire Department.  It's purpose was to assist fire departments following the devastating effects of that day.  Departments not only suffered equipment damage, but the human toll was almost insurmountable.

Since then, the charity has focused its attention on three areas: promoting fire safety, maintaining a memorial, and health efforts to support fire fighters.

The FDNY Foundation maintains the Fire Zone, a memorial and education center located in downtown Manhattan.  Some 100-thousand school children visited annually, before Covid-19.  As a result of the attention, the Foundation was able to renovate and open a state of the art center in September of 2020.

For more information on quality charities that still support efforts around 9/11, visit Charity Navigator.

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