Team Up to Fill Up Rules


The 91.3 WCSG “Team Up to Fill Up” Promotion is open to all U.S. residents 18 years of age or older with a valid U.S. Driver's License or State ID, except employees and immediate family members of Cornerstone University and its media outlets, as well as contest sponsors. 

“Team Up to Fill Up” begins 07-18-2022 once the online registration form goes live at and concludes on 08-26-2022 at approximately 5:40pm with the announcement of the Grand Prize winning team.   

Activation of participants: Activation occurs online at Listeners will register themselves and one (1) friend.

Qualifying: Beginning 07-25-2022 team names will be randomly selected from all registrations and announced weekdays (Monday-Friday, 6:00am-7:00pm).  When a team is announced, any member of that team may call back to 616-942-9274 within ten minutes to instantly qualify the entire team for the Grand Prize drawing. On-line registration concludes 08-26-2022 at 4:00pm and on-air qualifying concludes 08-26-2022 at 4:00pm. Teams may qualify multiple times. If team members do not call back within 10 minutes, another team will not be called during that time.  Only 8 qualifiers will be announced on Grand Prize days.  All other days, 9 qualifiers will be chosen.

Grand Prize drawings: Grand Prize drawings will take place 7-29-2022 at approximately 5:40PM, 8-05-2022 at approximately 7:40AM, 8-12-2022 at approximately 5:40PM, 8-19-2022 at approximately 7:40AM, & 8-26-2022 at approximately 5:40PM; a Grand Prize team will be announced and either of the team members must call back within ten minutes to (616)942-WCSG (9274) to claim the Grand Prize for the team. If a qualified team does not respond within ten minutes, another qualified team will be chosen for a chance at the Grand Prize. 

Grand Prize: $300 gas card for each individual team member; awarded as instructed by WCSG at time of winning. (Total Grand Prize team value = $600)

Prize Rules: 

Value of prizes are not to exceed $600. 

Winners must not have won any prize from Cornerstone University and its media outlets that is valued at $100 or more in the last ninety (90) days. 

Each household member may only win one (1) prize valued at/over $500 for a one year period, from the date of win, from WCSG or any other Cornerstone University media outlet. However, members of the same household may be on the same team and each individual can be awarded a portion of the $600 Grand Prize.

Claiming your prize: Winners must present a valid Driver's License or State ID and sign proper release forms at 3181 Bradford St. NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525 upon request. 

The winners must permit WCSG to use voice recording and/or photograph or likeness for a period of one year without any further consideration. 

The winners are responsible for all taxes related to the prize. 

False information, incomplete registration forms or misrepresentation by any winner voids his/her eligibility to claim the prize. Refusing any of these terms will signify forfeiture of the prize. 

Winners agree to use any and all prizes at their own risk, and release WCSG and its parent, Cornerstone University, for any and all claims that could result in using any and all prizes. 

The prize is non-transferable. 

Any additional costs associated with the Grand Prize are the sole responsibility of each winner. 

Prizes may take up to 2 weeks to process.

The prize must be redeemed as instructed by WCSG at time of winning. 

Failure to comply with redemption instructions signals forfeiture of the prize. 

The prize must be picked up within thirty (30) days of winning, after which time they become the property of WCSG, and may be offered again. 

Any prizes won in a given calendar year (accruing a value of $600 or more) will require a W-9 form, and any taxes associated with winning are the responsibility of the winners.  

Winners will be advised of prize value upon redeeming the Grand Prize.

Reservation of rights: WCSG reserves the right to make any changes in all contests effective when the change(s) are announced on the air or online. 

New rules will be made available at the offices of WCSG, 3181 Bradford St NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525 during regular business hours. 

All decisions by WCSG are final. Additional copies of the rules for all contests are available at the office of WCSG, 3181 Bradford St NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525 





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