US preparing aid for Iraq

6.12.14:  Surge of violence in Iraq


BAGHDAD (AP) — An al-Qaida-inspired group has vowed to march on to Baghdad after seizing two key Sunni-dominated cities in Iraq.


A spokesman for the Islamic State of Iran and the Levant says the group has old scores to settle with the Shiite-led government in Baghdad.


The spokesman, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, also threatened that ISIL fighters will take the southern Iraqi Shiite cities of Karbala and Najaf, which hold two of the holiest shrines for Shiite Muslims.


The statement, which could not be independently verified, came in an audio posting Thursday on militant websites commonly used by the group.


The U.S. is preparing to send new aid to Iraq, where insurgents linked to al-Qaida have toppled some major cities.  Some lawmakers are wondering if it even continues to make sense to support the government of the Prime Minister.  Some feel he has not done a good job reaching out to the Sunni population.