5:00am: Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)


5:30am: Focus on the Family (Jim Daly)


6:00am: Mornings with Amanda & Don


10:00am: Middays with Tom


3:00pm: Afternoons with Steve & Brittany


7:00pm: Evenings with Jeff Connell


9:00pm: Focus on the Family


9:30pm: Family Life Today


10:00pm: Evenings with Jeff Connell


12:00am: Overnights with Cal Olson





7:00am: Focus Weekend


8:00am: Mornings with Amanda & Don


11:00am: Middays with Tom


3:00pm:Afternoons with Brittany


6:00pm: Music with John Shear


12:00am: Overnights with Cal Olson





7:00am: Music with Chris Lemke


11:00am: Music with Dodd Morris


3:00pm: Music with Steve O’Dell


7:30pm: The Pond


8:00pm: Red Rock Mysteries


8:30pm: Adventures in Odyssey


9:00pm: Music with John Shear