City of Grand Rapids reminds residents to check roof tops and sidewalks - Jan 30th, 2014 - Local

The city of Grand Rapids has fielded over 12-hundred complaints of snow-covered sidewalks this winter. Property owners are expected to clear snow within 24 hours of accumulation. If that doesn't happen then the city will send someone to do it and charge the property owner.

There also is a a warning to make sure snow banks aren't too high. It is important that drivers can see other vehicles and pedestrians.

The city of Grand Rapids also wants to make sure that area building owners and maintenance professionals are measuring rooftop snow total. Heavy snow can stress a building's structure and lead to property damage. It is also important to make sure snow and ice is not obstructing roof drains, eaves, gutters or downspouts.

Wednesday evening there was a roof collapse in Kentwood. Crews were called to the Lacks Enterprise industrial building on Patterson. Officials believe the weight of snow may have caused the partial roof collapse with then burst a pipe.