Philippines begins to bury their dead....still waiting for aid - Nov 14th, 2013 - International

— About 100 Filipinos killed in last Friday's typhoon have been buried near Tacloban, the central city hardest-hit by the storm.

And dozens more bodies are lined up at City Hall, waiting to be taken to burial sites.

But six days after the typhoon struck, many of the dead are still lying along roads, and survivors are searching rubble for more victims.

Japan says it's pledging $10 million and sending about 1,000 troops to the Philippines following the deadly typhoon in the central part of the country.

Australia is giving $28 million and the United States, $20 million.

China, the world's second-largest economy, has pledged less than $2 million in cash and materials.

Locally Parishes in the Diocese of Grand Rapids will take up a special collection this weekend to help provide aid to the victims of the recent Typhoon. The money will be sent to the Catholic Relief Services, who are supporting the typhoon victims in the Philippines and Vietnam. They will distribute thousands of temporary A-frame shelters that can house a family of 5 along with thousands of hygiene and sanitation kits.