Obama, in Europe, still pursuing Syria support - Sep 6th, 2013 - International

— President Barack Obama has been trying to assure allies at the G-20 Summit in Russia that he's asking for diplomatic and political support for a Syria strike, and not necessarily direct military involvement.

But the leaders can't agree on the proper response.

One official say although the leaders condemn the use of chemical weapons, many of them aren't sure Syrian President Bashar Assad was behind the attack.

— While world powers argue over how to end Syria's civil war, Britain's prime minister and the U.N. chief are trying to get rich countries to pitch in more money to help its victims.

Britain's David Cameron hosted a meeting of donor countries at the Group of 20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, today.

He announced an additional $81 million in British aid, largely for medical training and equipment to help those targeted by chemical attacks.

It's unclear whether others at the table pledged new money too.

The meeting is part of a larger push ahead of the U.N. General Assembly to help refugees and civilians as the U.S. and its allies clash with Syria's allies over whether the international community should intervene.