US missionary pilot missing off West Africa coast - Apr 18th, 2013 - International

— The prayerful search continues for an American missionary pilot whose small plane disappeared in a storm April 7 around the West African island of Sao Tome.
So far, searchers have found no trace of 54-year-old missionary Jerry Krause who was flying alone from South Africa to Mali.

Krause's relatives in the U.S. and in Mali believe he either crashed or landed in hostile territory where he's being forced to fly for rebels or drug lords. The oil-rich Gulf of Guinea, where Krause disappeared, has been increasingly targeted by armed pirates.

Krause and his wife Gina have lived as missionaries in Africa for 25 years, most recently in Mali. Krause served as a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship until 2009 when the air service pulled out of Mali. Jerry and Gina Krause have stayed on.

Their niece, Erica Grossman, says the family hasn't lost hope and looks forward to being reunited with him, either in this world or in heaven.

Online: www.findjerry.com