Bomb investigators counting on public for help - Apr 17th, 2013 - National

— Investigators know the Boston Marathon bombs were contained in ordinary kitchen pressure cookers loaded with shrapnel but they're still looking for the triggering method. And authorities want to know what the public knows, so investigators are appealing to people to report anything they might remember. An FBI spokesman says someone knows something, it's just a question of who.

Several hundred attended a candlelight vigil in Boston for victims of Monday's marathon bombings.

A minister told hundreds of mourners that God was among the emergency responders who heroically tended to scores of wounded runners and bystanders.

Three people were killed and more than 170 people were injured in the bombings near the end of the race on Monday.

The minister said the candles they held symbolized the light of God shining amid the darkness of Monday's attack.

The running community and others are joining together today to express their love and solidarity for the people and runners of Boston. This is part of the nationwide effort called Run For Boston. Locally runners will meet at the Striders in Eastown at 6pm. organizers encourage participants to wear blue, yellow, or Boston apparel. Donations will be accepted in support of recovery efforts.

The Better Business Bureau of West Michigan issued a reminder to investigate any charity before sending money to help those in Boston. Check out any potential charity through BBB.org.