Marquette church members seek stronger gun limits - Jan 21st, 2013 - State

— Members of an Upper Peninsula church have held a protest against gun violence on a day when gun ownership advocates were demonstrating against restrictions on firearms.

The Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation sponsored a demonstration Saturday, with participants carrying signs that said "Stop the Violence" and "Put Down the Guns".

WLUC-TV reports that the protesters say they'd like to see more control over gun ownership requiring stricter background checks.

Spokesman Tim VanderVeen says the protest can show residents who back gun control that they aren't alone.

Saturday also saw several hundred gun rights advocates protest outside the Michigan Capitol.

The demonstrations follow President Barack Obama's call for universal background checks and assault weapons restrictions in the wake of the killing of 26 children and teachers at a Connecticut school.

— Hundreds of people gathered outside the Michigan Capitol for a gun-rights rally, a few days after President Barack Obama called for new restrictions on firearms. Some people freely carried guns at the event Saturday. Rally participants held signs saying that said gun bans are ineffective and only punish law-abiding citizens.