Javonte Higgins now considered a suspect - Jan 15th, 2013 - Local

Kentwood Police say Javonte Higgins has moved off the "person of interest" list and is now considered a suspect in the deaths of David and Vivian Bouwman. The couple was found dead in their Kentwood home on January 5th.
Police Chief Tom Hillen says a reward fund has grown to close to $10,000.

Javonte Higgins was in trouble back in December. He allegedly broke into 2 Wyoming homes and stole a pickup. He was in an accident with that truck and ended up in the hospital. He left before being arrested. Warrants were not issued against Higgins at the hospital because if they were to do that the county would be responsible for paying for Higgin's hospital costs. Higgins took off earlier than he should have and police weren't called in time.
Police believe he is still in the area and remind the public that harboring a fugitive is against the law. Higgins is considered armed and dangerous and would be walking with a limp.

A community meeting was organized by the Princeton Estates Neighborhood Association last night. The association wanted a safety update from police because it was in their neighborhood where the Bouwman's lived. Police explained the local crime mapping system and urged residents to keep an eye on each other, leave lights on, and think about investing in a security system. Others were hoping police would patrol their area more often.