7.3.15:  Ford recalling 433,000 vehicles



(AP) – Ford is recalling 433,000 vehicles, including 2015 Focus, C-MAX and Escape models, because of a software problem that could keep their engines running after drivers try to shut them down.


Ford Motor Co. says there is a flaw in the body control module software in the vehicles.  As a result of the problem, the engine could keep running after the key is turned to “off” and removed, or after the start/stop button is pressed to turn the engine off.


The company says no injuries or accidents have been associated with the problem.  Ford says dealers will update the software at no cost to consumers.

7.3.15:  Fiat Chrysler will face fines



(AP) – U.S. auto safety regulators say Fiat Chrysler will face sanctions for violating safety laws in multiple recalls.

A number of options for agency action are “on the table,” including fines against the company and requiring it to buy back vehicles subject to recall.

7.3.15:  Michigan gets money for health emergency



(AP) – Michigan is getting more than $5.5 million in federal money to help it prepare for a health emergency.

The money will support the Special Pathogen Response Network that was established last year and includes hospitals, local health department and regional health care coalitions.

7.3.15:  Fireworks explode near kayak on creek



(AP) – Two men have been injured after fireworks exploded near their kayaks in western Michigan.


The men, ages 46 and 27, were on Prairie Creek in Ionia Township about 6:30 p.m. Thursday when the explosion occurred.


One of the victims suffered leg injuries and the other suffered back and abdomen injuries.


A witness said she heard the explosion and says it “blew a big hole in one kayak and blew the whole front end off the other.”



7.3.15:   Campaigning under way in Greece



(AP) – Campaigning for Greece’s bailout referendum has begun in earnest, but voters are far from clear on the question being put to them on Sunday.

One woman waiting to get into a bank today said the whole thing is confusing —  and that all she knows is she as $133 to last her until the banks open.

Many Greeks say they will be casting ballots to end creditors’ demands for more budget cuts and tax increased.

7.3.15:  BP to pay record $18.7 billion



(AP)–More than 5 years after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, BP is preparing to pay a record $18.7 billion to affected states.


The oil giant hopes the settlement will bring an end to a long-running legal drama.  The company said the settlement would bring it full obligations to an estimated $53.8 billion.


The new settlement will be paid out over 18 years.

7.2.15:   Crews spent the night fighting fire at Pitsch



GRAND RAPIDS, MI – (Mlive)–  late-night fire at Pitsch Wrecking Co. on Wednesday resulted in the loss of nearly $1 million in equipment at the company’s maintenance facility, said Lewis Pitsch, vice president of the West Side salvage and wrecking company.

But the family-owned company was back in business by 9 a.m. Thursday, said Pitsch, who credited Grand Rapids firefighters with saving the company’s salvage store and other equipment parked near the shop at 675 Richmond Ave. NW.

“It’s business as usual. We just got the power on,” said Pitsch, on Thursday, July 2. He said the company will move its maintenance shop over the Fourth of July holiday weekend into a neighboring building it recently acquired.

“This doesn’t affect our day-to-day operations, it just affects the maintenance of our equipment,” said Pitsch, whose company specializes in demolition and salvage operations.
None of the company’s 120 employees were inside the building when the fire was reported at 9:33 p.m. on July 1, Pitsch said. He said they have not determined the cause of the fire, which was confined to the maintenance facility.

“The fire department did a great job. They responded within three minutes,” Pitsch said. “They came in and foamed all of our equipment that’s along the alley next to the building and they foamed the (salvage) building.”

The fire generated a dark, billowing cloud of smoke over the city’s near Northwest Side because the building housed more than 1,000 gallons of lubricants and about 70 tires, Pitsch said.

Inside the seven-bay maintenance facility, the company lost two pickup trucks, a semi-tractor, two semi-trailers, four “Bobcat” earthmovers, two hi-lo lift trucks, and a mobile air compressor, he said.

7.2.15:  Car/Ambulance crash



A 63-year-old man was killed and 6 others were injured when an SUV struck an ambulance along M-37 near Sparta.


Traffic was slowing for an ambulance around noon on Wednesday, when a vehicle driven by Douglas Westra of Newaygo, was unable to stop in time for the traffic ahead of him.  He lost control on the shoulder of the roadway and hit the ambulance as well as another vehicle.

Westra died as a result of his injuries.

7.2.15:  Public space to honor first responders in Sept. 11 attacks


BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (AP) — A public space is being created in southwestern Michigan to honor first responders involved in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as well as local rescuers.

A groundbreaking by Project Resiliency was held Wednesday on 9-11 Resiliency Plaza in Benton Harbor.

The plaza also will be home to a 500-pound piece of steel beam recovered from the World Trade Center site in New York City that visitors will be able to touch.

Two firefighters went to New York to pick up the beam.




7.2.15:   Navy officer from suburban Detroit dies aboard USS Essex



CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — The Pentagon says a 38-year-old Navy officer from suburban Detroit has died from noncombat causes while serving aboard an amphibious assault ship.

The Defense Department announced Wednesday that Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason May died Monday while aboard the amphibious assault ship the USS Essex. The Pentagon says the ship is deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the war on terrorism that began in 2001.

The military’s statement doesn’t say how May died. The Associated Press sent the Navy an email message seeking details.

May’s hometown is Macomb County’s Chesterfield Township.

The USS Essex serves as a launch platform for helicopters and landing craft.