7.25.14:  France sends soldiers to Mali plane crash site


PARIS (AP) — France is sending a military unit to Mali to secure the site where an Air Algeria plane crashed with 116 aboard. Most of the dead were French citizens.


The plane, owned by Spanish company Swiftair and leased by Algeria’s flagship carrier, disappeared from radar less than an hour after it took off early Thursday from Burkina Faso.


The plane crashed during a rainstorm in a restive area of Mali, near the Burkina Faso border.


7.24.14:  Air Algerie plane disappears from radar


ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Authorities say a flight operated by Air Algerie carrying 110 passengers and a crew of six has disappeared from the radar on a flight from Burkina Faso to Algiers.


The official Algerian news agency said air navigation services lost track of the Swiftair plane 50 minutes after takeoff. Flight AH5017 had been missing for hours before news was made public.


Swiftair, the private Spanish airline, confirmed that 116 people were aboard.


The plane’s flight path passes over Mali, where unrest continues in the north.

7.23.14:  Thieves got into 1K StubHub accounts


NEW YORK (AP) — A law enforcement official and online marketplace StubHub say cyber thieves got into more than 1,000 customers’ accounts and fraudulently bought tickets for events.


The official tells The Associated Press that arrests are expected in a case that sprawls across international borders.


Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is expected to hold a news conference Wednesday with English and Canadian officials.


San Francisco-based StubHub says the thieves got account-holders’ login and password information from data breaches at other websites or from malware on the customers’ computers. The company says it detected the unauthorized transactions last year and gave refunds.

7.23.14:  Malaysia Airlines bodies head for Netherlands


KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) — Two military aircraft carrying the first bodies of victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash have left the embattled eastern Ukraine today.


They’re headed for the Netherlands for positive identification.


The Dutch government has declared today a day of mourning as the country prepares for the arrival of the bodies this afternoon.


All 298 people on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were killed when the plane was shot down last Thursday over a rebel-controlled area of eastern Ukraine.


Ukraine and western nations are pressing pro-Russian rebels to allow an unfettered an investigation, something Russian President Vladimir Putin is promising he’ll use his influence to achieve.

7.22.14:  Bodies arrive in government-controlled area


KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) — A train carrying the bodies of many of the victims of last week’s Malaysia Airlines crash in eastern Ukraine, have arrived in the government-controlled city of Kharkiv.


That’s where authorities have set up a crash investigation center.


The bodies then will be sent to the Netherlands for identification and forensic investigation.


Of the 298 who died, 193 were Dutch citizens.


Meanwhile, in Brussels, European Union foreign ministers are meeting to decide how to respond to the shootdown, which Lithuania’s foreign minister blames on “terrorists supplied by Moscow.”


Meanwhile, protesters marched on the Russian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur today, demanding justice for victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine last week.


Western countries have accused the pro-Russia separatists, possibly with help from Moscow, of shooting down the plane.


A Russian Embassy official says staff members were ordered to stay inside the embassy compound.


7.21.14:    Kerry heads to Middle East, Gaza death toll past 500


WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry is heading back to the Middle East to push for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.


Kerry leaves Monday for Egypt, where he’ll join diplomatic efforts to resume a truce that had been agreed to in November 2012.


Meanwhile, the U.N. Security Council emerged from an emergency session late Sunday with a proposed resolution much weaker than a proposal from Jordan that called for Israel to pull out of Gaza.


The Palestinian death toll is now past 500.  The overall Israel death toll is 20.

7.18.14:  Bodies are being recovered from crash side in eastern Ukraine



KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — A Ukrainian official says 181 bodies have been located so far at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine. A Ukraine Foreign Ministry representative says the bodies will be taken for identification to Kharkiv, a government-controlled city 170 miles north of the crash site.


Separatist rebels who control the area where the plane was brought down say they’ve recovered most of the plane’s black boxes and are considering what to do with them. Ukraine accuses separatists of shooting down the plane yesterday.


There’s no word on whether there were any Americans on the Malaysia Airlines plane that went down in Ukraine yesterday, killing all 298 people on board. The plane that was headed to the capital of Malaysia had originated in Amsterdam, and most of the passengers were from the Netherlands. There were 173 Dutch on board, 44 were Malaysian, including 15 crew and two infants, and 28 were Australian. There were eight other known nationalities, and the nationalities of 18 people are unconfirmed.


7.17.14:  Mortar shells during cease-fire


JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel says mortar shells have been fired from Gaza after a humanitarian cease-fire went into effect.  The Israeli army says the 3 mortar shells were fired about 2 hours after the cease-fire began.


Israel and Hamas both agreed on a halt in fighting for a 5-hour period to allow people in Gaza to stock up on supplies.


This is the 10th day of fighting and the pause in airstrikes was to allow Palestinians to restock food, water and other necessities.


Just hours before, Israeli military says it stopped 13 Gaza militants from carrying out an attack by sneaking through a tunnel that goes from Gaza to Israel.

7.16.14:  Deadly typhoon hits the Philippines


MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The death toll from a typhoon that hit the Philippines is now 12.


The capital, Manila, was spared a direct hit today, but the fierce storm still brought down trees and utility poles and tore off roofs.


The typhoon weakened before it blew out of the country, heading possibly toward northern Vietnam or China’s Hainan Island.


Forecasters say it could regain strength while crossing the South China Sea.

7.15.14:  Deadly subway train derailment in Moscow


MOSCOW (AP) — At least 19 people are dead and at least 150 have been taken to the hospital following a subway train derailment in Moscow.


Several cars left the track in a tunnel after a power surge triggered an alarm, which caused the train to stop abruptly.


Emergency officials say 7 bodies have been recovered and rescuers are working to pull out 12 more bodies.


City Hall officials say about 50 of the injured are in grave condition.