6.18.14:  Area boy hit by an arrow


HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) — Western Michigan authorities say a 9-year-old girl was wounded when a 10-year-old boy accidentally shot her in the head with an arrow.

Police in Holland report that the accident happened about noon Tuesday. The newspaper says that the boy was playing with a bow and arrow and fired into the air.

Police say the arrow hit the girl in the head. She was taken to Holland Hospital for stitches, then released.

6.11.14:  Iron shortage could delay US-31 bridge fix in Holland


The Michigan Department of Transportation says they have reopened part of S. Washington Avenue in Holland after a boom from a truck damaged the US-31 overpass on Monday.  MDOT engineers say it could take a year to fix because of an iron shortage.


The boom impaled the steel I-beams that hold up the bridge.  While it’s safe for people to drive over, it still needs major repairs.  The repairs themselves would take about 4 months.


The shortage could mean it will  take much longer to fully reopen the bridge if the beams must be replaced and the estimated cost could be $400,000.  The truck driver’s company is expected to be charged for the full cost of either the beam repairs or replacement.

6.3.14:  Crews have been working to cap gas line break in Holland


Gas crews have capped a major natural gas line break in Holland.


Crews were called to the area around 10:30 this morning near 48th Street and Lincoln Avenue.  Fire crews were at the scene north of I-196 and traffic was blocked in the area throughout the day.


Holland police said that because of high winds and their direction there were no evacuations issued.  Residents in the area have been smelling gas.