9.12.16:  Surge in ER visits for injuries, concussions from soccer



CHICAGO (AP) — A new study says that soccer injuries are sending soaring numbers of U.S. kids to emergency rooms.

Many cases are kids with concussions needing urgent medical care.

The findings are based on 25 years of data. Researchers and sports medicine experts believe the growing number of cases reflect not only soccer’s growing popularity, but also a greater awareness about concussions and their potential risks.


8.29.16:  Study says playing with sports concussion doubles recovery time



CHICAGO (AP) — Continuing to play despite a concussion doubles recovery time for teen athletes and leads to worse short-term mental function than in those immediately removed from action, a study found.

It’s billed as the first to compare recovery outcomes for athletes removed from a game or practice compared with those who aren’t. The study was small, involving 69 teens treated at a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center concussion clinic, but the results bolster evidence supporting the growing number of return-to-play laws and policies nationwide

The study was published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.


8-11-16 E. Coli Hitting Ottawa County

E-coli has shut down an Ottawa County beach.  The Health Department closed the beach at 8th Avenue Lake until further notice.  Testing has been done consistently but appears to have been on the rise recently.  The beach is expected to be closed through the weekend.

7.14.16:  Heavy people may die up to 3 years early



Scientists say they’ve conducted the largest-ever such analysis, and they’ve found that overweight people can lose a year of life on average. Richard Peto of Oxford University, one of the study authors, says moderately overweight people can lose 3 years of life.

Researchers sifted through data for nearly 4 million non-smoking adults in 32 countries published from 1970 to last year. They compared the risk of death to people’s body mass index, or BMI.

The study also found that being obese is far more dangerous for men than for women.