Additional charges for the B.O.B

6.3.14:  The B.O.B. is given a long suspension and more fines added


It was last year that Kevin O’Brien had consumed too much alcohol and was served more drinks at the B.O.B. downtown Grand Rapids. He then fell while trying to slide down a stairwell and died from his injuries.


The B.O.B. said they made extra safety improvements within the building and didn’t feel that they were responsible for O’Brien’s death.


The B.O.B. was still asked to serve a 3-day liquor suspension.  That didn’t take place because they appealed that in Lansing today.  Instead the Michigan Liquor Control Commission announced a 10-day suspension and wants to add more fines.


The state accused the B.O.B. of several charges and the commission found the bar in violation.